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We are proud members of RecommendAsian!

Having been a member of RecommendAsian for the last few years, we have grown to love the recommendations, advice and emotional support this fabulous group brings to Asian women across the world. Its related group ProfessionalAsian developed a few years later and is boasting nearly 70,000 members on Facebook. That's why as a catering company, we were keen to be formally listed with them on their website and business directory.

How did RecommendAsian start?

RecommendAsian was started by a lovely lady called Zamiha Desai. Initially founded on Facebook with a number of groups. The point of this was to share each other's knowledge of products, services and advice in regards to anything that might be relevant to an Indian culture. Being one of the only Facebook groups to do this, naturally this got busy and so the website was born and raised by a team of wonderful admins and Zamiha. This has now become a huge directory of businesses which sell products or provide services, and is free for all to access and contact.

What kind of businesses or services are listed on RecommendAsian?

One can find an array of businesses on RecommendAsian. From start-ups and small home businesses to big brands and companies, RecommendAsian is the place to go for a list of businesses related to our Indian culture.

Some of the groups of businesses included are:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Babies and Children

  • Beauty

  • Catering

  • Construction

  • Event planning

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion & Gifts

  • Health

  • Motoring

  • Spiritual Growth

There are plenty more groups listed!

What is ProfessionalAsian?

ProfessionalAsian is a Facebook group which was created following RecommendAsian, its sister group. Whereas RecommendAsian is a female-only group and primarily for recommendations and advice from each other, ProfessionalAsian is open to all and allows members to post about their businesses if they are a listed member. It allows the sharing of a huge wealth of knowledge and experience between all the members and we would highly recommend being a part of of this amazing group.

Why do we love it?

We love it because it gives a chance for small businesses to showcase themselves, not only to the Indian community, but to everyone. RecommendAsian and ProfessionalAsian is free for everyone to join.

Have a look!

Speak soon,

Sandy Mama's Kitchen

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