Terms & Conditions

By paying the deposit to confirm your event, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Confirmation – function booking fee of half the final cost quoted is charged when the client confirms the event. This fee is deducted from the total cost on completion of the contract. In the event of cancellation by the client, the booking fee shall be NON REFUNDABLE NOR TRANSFERABLE.

2. Prices – all services and/or goods are supplied at the prices agreed on the date of the contract, as outlined in the quote above.

3. Unforseen – whilst efforts are made to carry out this contract, the company Sandy Mama’s Kitchen reserves the right to alter the contract and services included due to any circumstances beyond its control.

4. Times – should the client alter the times or location shown on the contract without prior notice, then the company cannot be held responsible for non-performance of the contract thereafter.

5. Cancellation – if the client cancels the booking, Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will charge a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee shall be a percentage of the total charge payable according to the confirmation notice set out below. Cancellation Notice Fee: a. Over 240 days: 25% b. 239 – 180 days: 35% c. 179 – 130 days: 50% d. 129 – 90 days: 65% e. 89 – 40 days – 85 % f. 39 days or less – 95%

6. Client venue – Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will bring all equipment and flooring to ensure health and safety of clients is prioritised. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the venue garden/patio/decking is not damaged due to coal or food spillages, this may rarely occur, and in this case, Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will not be liable for any responsibility.

7. Catering – Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will not accept responsibility for shortage of food and downgrading of services if more than the agreed number of guests attend the function. Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will not accept responsibility for the quality of food served if the timing which is agreed prior, is not adhered to.

8. Serving period – it is predicted that there will naturally be more guests who need to be served at the beginning of the serving period. The amount of food served by Sandy Mama’s Kitchen is limited by the equipment we bring, i.e. we can only serve as much as we can cook, and ask guests to be patient during busy serving periods, where reasonable.

9. Rubbish & Waste – If discussed beforehand, Sandy Mama’s Kitchen will bring a large bin for clients to dispose of their rubbish, but this will need to be put into the client’s wheelie bin as we leave the venue.


IMPORTANT – payment must be made in full, 3 days prior to the function.