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Bye Bye Wordpress, Hello Wix!

Our new website has finally launched! Come and take a tour around the new Sandy Mama's Kitchen site! The last time our site was updated was back in 2017. Since then, we have catered several events, accumulated hundreds of pictures and designed a new menu which works for our small family business.

I was honestly getting so fed up of trying to learn how to use wordpress. Its far too complicated for a beginner site-designer. I couldn't even link my emails to my phone which was so frustrating, and that meant missing out on engaging with valuable customers. Moving to Wix has been a big relief - everything is easy to build and most importantly, the whole team get a notification when a customer sends an email/message on the site.

Lets have a look around:

A simple home page

Our new home page is now more simple and mobile-friendly. It showcases our favourite photos including our set-up. The site menu is clear and there are links to our social pages.

A little bit about us

We never really told many people about who we are or how we started. Now we have our own page telling our story. Family means everything to us and that is where we started from.

A newly designed menu

On our last site, our menu was a little bit of a mess. We have now grouped items together and used our own photos to show our food. Definitely more user friendly, especially on the mobile.

A beautiful shiny gallery

This is the best bit. Our new gallery shows all our pictures from the last few years including food and set up.

Contacting us made easy

Over the last few years, one of my frustrations was not being able to answer phone calls during daytime hours or check emails on a daily basis. Our previous email inbox could not be configured to my phone, which meant always logging into Webmail when I wanted to check. Now, when a customer submits an enquiry, within seconds it will automatically notify our whole team on the Wix app. We even have a chat function on our site, so if you want to ask any questions then and there, just click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner. One of us will reply as soon as we can.

Finally, our site is now much more user-friendly on a mobile. Have a look around and let us know if anything isn't working well.

What do you think of our new site?

Speak soon,

Sandy Mama's Kitchen

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