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8th August - Sandy & Shamir's (Part 1) in Sudbury

Sandy & Shamir are one of our most loved and favourite clients. There is something special about catering for clients who really treat you like family. It was so lovely to catch up after a couple of years as well.

We catered for them a couple of years ago for a Diwali party and a Jiko Pizza Party. We had lots of enquiries for August 2020, but they quickly booked us for both 8th and 15th August for two separate events. The first one was for school parents of their 6 year old!

Their home and garden is the most beautiful set-up for an event at home. When we first catered for them, they had just renovated their home and their plants had just been planted. Going back there, all the flowers and trees had blossomed and we had set up just by the massive vegetable patch!

The drinks table was all ready to go!

On the menu was our unlimited Jiko Pizzas, dry masala chips, dough balls with garlic butter and coleslaw!

It was one of the hottest summer days this year... we literally did not need to have our Jiko's there as the pizzas were actually cooking all by themselves! The coleslaw had to even have its own ice bath!

Always a massive hit - our signature dough balls served with home-made garlic butter! Also a great idea, is to put the garlic butter on top of a hot Jiko Pizza... it truly tastes devine!

We finished the event off with our favourite desserts to make - cheesecake. It might be simple, but we make them fancy and certainly always impresses guests! Today, we served our Oreo Cheesecake Mini Cups!

The party went on until midnight (we left earlier but left lots of pizzas to nibble on for later!) We had great feedback for the food and also the cheesecake pots with a special request to make them the following weekend too!

One more event tomorrow and back to GP-land on Monday!

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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