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26th July - Birthday Celebration in Ruislip

On Sunday, we catered for a lovely couple who's wedding was cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Instead Saguna got in touch asking if we cater for her fiance's birthday as a small celebration. We said yes and agreed on our Jiko Pizza Package as the best type of food for the event.

There is nothing better than freshly made Jiko Pizzas served at a casual event! Everyone loves pizzas right!

We had both dry and saucey masala chips! Both were a hit with the guests!

It was raining a bit, but we were so glad Saguna had already organised and set up a gazebo for us to cook under and serve from, so we didn't have to set ours up!

We realised that Saguna and her fiance were entertaining friends the day before with more Jiko Pizzas, but we got lots of compliments how our pizzas rocked, mainly because of our signature home-made pizza bases and sauce! Having a good sauce on the pizza is probably the most important part!

Loved catering for these guys and we may be on the list to cater for them next year during their wedding events in Peterborough - stay tuned!

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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