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1st & 2nd August - Rakhi's Baby's 1st birthday!

I have a day off today from GP land and catering - so I am going through all our event pictures and catching up with the website blog!

Rakhi got in touch with us a couple of months ago to cater for two events over the first weekend in August. The family were celebrating her newborn baby's 1st birthday. Saturday was planned to have her in-laws side round, and the following day, it was her family side! We worked together to devise a menu that was different for both days!

Saturday Rakhi decided to have our unlimited Jiko Pizza Package! This included our unlimited Jiko Pizzas for 2 hours, dry masala chips (always the best!) and mixed salad with home-made dressing.

The pizzas were a hit as always. Its so amazing to get such great feedback about the Jiko Pizzas. Guests often say that they have never tasted such tasty Jiko Pizzas before - the secret is in the pizza base sauce and base recipe!

It was a great event and definitely an amazing start to the weekend!

The next day, we arrived a bit earlier as we had lots of outdoor cooking to do! We decided to cook around the corner on the driveway, and set up the serving table on the other side of the shed again!

On the menu was Chilli Paneer, Bombay Sandwich, Pani Puri Shots, Bhel, Masala chips, Muri Mogo and our special Kenyan-style crispy Bhajia. All the food was made fresh and on site and we continued to serve for 2 hours!

As we were doing something different to pizzas, we had the opportunity to really display our foods and set up a stunning table display of our best Indian street food!

The crispy bhajia were super crispy and tasted so good with our home-made chutney! The dry ingredients for the bhel were mixed together for serving, and guests can help themselves to the chutneys, tamarind sauce and onion. The masala chips were a great hit as one can just continue eating them! The pani puri shots and bombay sandwiches were fun and looked great! The chilli paneer and muri mogo dishes were two of our classics.

It was a great weekend and such a pleasure catering for these guys!

Speak soon!

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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