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18th July 2020 - Birthday & Graduation in Chalfont St Giles

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We have had lots of clients asking for pictures of our events and set up! So I thought it was time to start blogging about our summer events, telling our stories and showcasing our event pictures!

Our lovely client enquired with us a few weeks ago for her daughters 21st birthday. They had a tough few months with the pandemic and lockdown, and wanted to not only have great tasting food that everyone enjoyed, but also have a lovely set up and not worry about the cooking and cleaning. Our unlimited Jiko Pizza Package worked for what she wanted and she quickly booked us in!

On the day, we came into her garden and were completely blow away with the setting with a stunning garden. Perfect for a girl's 21st birthday! We wanted a decor that fitted with the scenery and dressed to impress.

We started cooking the chilli paneer and frying the chips for our masala chips dish. For our signature chilli paneer dish, we used a secret family sauce to making a wonderful combination, leasing out its tangy taste and crunchy vegetable textures.

Then we started making our special Jiko Pizzas, ready for serving at 5.30pm. There's always a mad rush at the beginning of serving time so we always make sure we have enough pizzas cooked and ready to go right from the start!

The food continued to be a big hit throughout the two hours, even the mixed salad with home-made dressing got compliments due to being light, crisp, fresh and perfect for warm summer nights. The kids all loved the masala chips, which we fried in batches throughout the evening to keep it crispy as possible in our signature sauce.

I even hung up some beautiful string lights to add to the ambience of the evening.

They were a little fiddly to put up, but totally worth it to give the client some lovely pictures of the food and the event.

I just couldn't get over this beautiful setting and the amazing crowd that we catered for.

We even had a new addition to our team - a dog called Meela! She was the family's new 5 month old puppy and was super well behaved, then she ate the left over toppings off the floor whilst we were cleaning up!

All in all, it was a massive success and we can't wait to cater here again!

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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