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15th August - Sandy & Shamir’s (Part 2) in Sudbury

After hosting a super successful event at Sandy and Shamir's house in Sudbury the week before, we were booked again to cater a similar menu but for a different crowd. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not as glorious as it was the week before, but we still maintained our professionalism and enthusiasm to deliver the event indoors with social distancing in place. Luckily their back door opened straight onto the patio, so we cooked outside under a gazebo and set the food up on the dining table indoors. 

We absolutely love their dreamy kitchen - we could spend all day in their cooking and eating!

We started off by catering for the kids and making sure they were happy and settled with plenty of Jiko Pizzas and our homemade dough balls, which were served with garlic butter. Always best enjoyed fresh off the Jiko, so we always like to make them in small batches throughout the evening. 

Once the kids were done, we served the adults more Jiko Pizzas, as well as masala chips, salad and our signature Jeera Chicken dish, cooked karoga style outdoors and served in our fancy wooden chafing dishes. Presentation and display is absolutely key!

Last but not least, we finished off with our favourite bespoke dessert cups - Oreo Cheesecake was the flavour in again this weekend!

We had a long chat with Sandy in regards to her vegetable and herb growing! She even gave us some lovely onions to take away.... maybe we will use them in our catering next time😂

See you next time

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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