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29th July - Ashish's Surprise 40th in Pinner!

I had taken annual leave from my normal job to recover on Wednesday after a busy weekend! But we couldn't resist doing another weekday catering event for a lovely client called Jilna, who was desperately trying to move her event around so that Sandy Mama's Kitchen can cater for her husband's 40th birthday. Of course we couldn't say no!

Jilna explained that she she has been cooking and cleaning up throughout lockdown, with no celebrations and no events to especially see family. So this is the first time that both sides of the family would come together.

We started the party a bit early without Ashish as it was supposed to be a complete surprise! All the cars were even moved off the driveway!

We started off with the children's pizzas, all the kids wanted to come and make one ;) we even had a special request for yellow and red peppers only, no green peppers!

Jilna initially wanted us to cater the event on Sunday after we had done another onsite catering order. But it all worked out well in the end on Wednesday - husband came home on time and the weather was amazing!

The kids helped us with our set up of course, and insisted to put confetti on our table cover.... the confetti came back home to Barnet in the end!

The dry masala chips were a huge hit as well - I must remember to not tell guests about our secret home-made masala seasoning :P The pizzas were to die for and everyone enjoyed the food once again!

We had such an amazing chat with all of the guests after the catering, that we even stayed back for nearly 2 hours! Everyone was surprised that Niraj is a pilot, but of course, due to not flying at the moment we are taking more catering orders right now. He always loves it when the conversation is steered a bit towards aviation!

Can't wait to cater for this crowd again! It was definitely the highlight of my boring week at work!

Speak soon,

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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