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29th August - A Garden Party in Rickmansworth

Another birthday celebration in Rickmansworth in the most beautiful hilly setting. The client got in touch looking for catering for a garden party at home. As well as Pizzas, they wanted something that will also cater for non-Indians! We suggested a BBQ menu which went down with the guests!

We designed a beautiful menu board and thoughtfully presented the food in a rustic buffet set up.

On the menu was our unlimited Jiko Pizza Package which included dry masala chips and a garden salad with a home-made simple vinaigrette dressing, pepperoni Pizzas, Tandoori-style Chicken Wings, Tandoori-Style Lamb Chops, Tandoori-style Seekh Kebabs and potato salad.

The pizzas were a huge hit with the crowd, especially the pepperoni ones! Theres nothing better than those oozy pepperoni oils melting onto each pizza slice.

Our lovely home-made potato salad!

Perfectly cooked chicken wings fresh off the skewers. All our BBQ meat items are served with mint yogurt and chilli sauce or tamarind sauce.

The best dish as always, is our lamb chops. We always get so many compliments each time this is served and highly recommended if you are having a non-veg BBQ!

We even had an extra guest wanting to help themselves. We had to keep a close eye on him near the food. Luckily, he was well behaved!

Overall, another massive success! We always love catering for a non-Indian crowd so get in touch if you need catering for a garden party this year!

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