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25th July - Double Birthday Celebration in Hitchin

We were recommended by our good friends Marit & Adi to cater for Adi's brother Danny and sister-in-law Miha's daughter's birthday. I had heard such good things about them over the years and we were so glad we could finally meet - at a catering event of course! I found out later that it was Miha's birthday the next day!

Miha got in touch with me a few weeks ago to explain what she would like. We went through the various menu options and decided that her guests will mostly enjoy an Indian BBQ. The main thing was that Miha did not need to cook or clean up, and she could focus on entertaining her guests!

We decided on Jiko Pizzas, Tandoori-style Chicken Wings, Tandoori-style Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops and Lamb Seekh Kebabs, served with tamarind chutney, mint yogurt and flatbread.

These pizzas were to die for - we added fresh buffalo mozzarella and fresh jalopeno toppings. Don't these pizzas look to die for?

The chicken and lamb dishes were also so yummy. The lamb was deliciously tender and so good that it was falling of the bone. The chicken wings came out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They say you eat with your eyes right? :P

The pizzas continued to be a hit throughout the evening. Especially as the guests were mostly non-Indian so had never tried this type of food before! We had so many compliments on how the pizzas were perfectly cooked... these kind of pizzas need to be served "well done" with a crispy base and a sizzling topping...

It was a great event despite the rain ;) but regardless, we made it work under the gazebos and most importantly, the guests loved the food and Miha could concentrate on entertaining and hosting :)

Speak soon,

Sandy Mama's Kitchen x

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