What is a jiko?

The Jiko Oven is a charcoal-burning stove that can perform all the tasks of a standard oven. These special ovens deliver a unique and authentic flavour, which simply cannot be replicated in a standard household, restaurant or wood-fired oven.


Each Jiko Oven can cook 5 delicious pizzas at one time, all having direct heat from the charcoal , above and below. We allow our pizzas to sizzle for at least 6-7 minutes, resulting in a crust which is charred to perfection, and a topping that is oozing with cheesy goodness.


Rest assured, we at Sandy Mama’s Kitchen know that safety is paramount, especially when working around open flames. Although your guests can watch the cooking, we will set up behind our serving tables and in a safe place. All our staff have been trained to use the Jiko Ovens and all other equipment to a high standard. We will never put you or your guests’ safety at risk.